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You Are Not Too Old & It Is Not Too Late

You are not TOO OLD—you are perfect. So dissolve that miserable thought!

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I've got a ~public service announcement~ for this fine week, my darlings. It's simple but it's *absolutely* imperative that you memorize it, live by it, scrawl it across your bathroom mirror in bright red lipstick.

Here goes:

*You* my darling—dearest are NOT too old—and it is most ~definitely~ NOT too late.

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One of the most *powerful* lessons I’ve learned since immersing myself in Wayfinder Life Coach training (spearheaded by the legendary NYT best-selling author and *Oprah's* very own life coach, Martha Beck) is how much our *limiting beliefs* serve as ~barriers~ blocking us from living our best lives.

And the most detrimental limiting belief I've stumbled across with my clients this last month has been this tedious, painful “I am TOO OLD TO TRY ANYTHING NEW!” narrative.

Trust me. I get it. I used to subscribe to the lie society feeds us that big life pivots are exclusively reserved for the *wildly young.* But ever since I challenged that doom thought and replaced it with a fresh, oh-so-shiny empowering thought—the oyster shell of my life—the one I was convinced would be sealed shut forever and ever? It flew open and what I saw inside was the prettiest pearl I'd ever seen.

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What I mean is this: once we rid ourselves of the tired ‘ole story of "being too old"—which let's get real—has only ever left us defeated and miserable—a beautiful new realization finally has space to emerge in our brains! A realization that liberates us and serves our sense of peace and happiness gorgeously.

Because the truth is we’re *actually* in a perfect place to start brand-new chapters of our lives at any age—so long as we have vision, grit, and passion.

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What I've come to find over the course of the last few years is that being older isn’t a weakness. On the contrary, it’s a strength, an asset, an unbreakable foundation from which our dreams can safely launch into the ether! Because here's the REAL tea: now that we've had some time here on planet Earth—we *know* things. Valuable things that we *didn’t* know before. And knowledge, babe, is ALWAYS f*cking power. Not only that—but we’re FAR less likely to sabotage an opportunity the more strong, seasoned, and wise we are.

See, when I reflect back on the past, I'm able to see that I blew some pretty stellar opportunities in my 20s—simply because I wasn’t ready for them. And subsequently, I ended up losing out to real adults who had a thicker skin and broader breadth of life experience than I did—thus did a better job. Now I'm the real adult, with the thick skin, a colorful array of unique life experiences, and a sense of time-given maturity that can not be bought or manufactured. And everything—and I mean everything—I've ever done in my life up until this point—even if it appears to have nothing to do with my current goals—has been quietly preparing me for where I'm meant to be in the long run. So don’t you dare forget: nothing has been a waste. There are no mistakes. Everything we’ve done and everywhere we've been up until this point has been getting us ready for the next fabulous destination on the journey of life!

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And maybe *you* my sweetness, didn’t go after your ~dreams~ back in the day because you weren’t ready for them and somehow intuitively knew that—so you stalled! That’s totally fine. But listen. Now you *are* ready. So get up and go! Wash off your old makeup, repaint your face on a clean canvas, and twirl into the world. And that fresh, excitable ~twirling~ energy will be infectious to everyone of ALL AGES. After all: age is an ENERGY just like everything else in the world. 💕

Oh. And I’m not just talking about just career—I’m talking about love too. We make for better lovers after we’ve experienced heartbreak and have lived long enough to know what we ~really~ desire. But we'll focus more on that next week. For now, trust the timing of your life. A new season is beginning! And together we can get clear about what you want & design an action plan that guides you there.

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