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THE GUT PUNCH DIARY CHAPTER 2: Crying In Bars Is On Brand. Cigarettes Are Not.

In the heart of south Florida lives a small village humbly called, Wilton Manors. If you know Florida you know that Florida is full of strip malls. Wilton Manors is no exception. However, Wilton Manors strip malls are different than most Florida strip malls. Instead of an Olive Garden, you’ll find a sex shop that sells exotic artifacts like poppers and pleather harnesses and shiny silver handcuffs that gleam at you through plexiglass cages. Instead of a hair salon that reeks of Altoids and peroxide, you’ll find a spa that plays trance music and offers important self-care luxuries, like anal bleaching and "colon hydrotherapy." You won’t find a Best Buy or a Hobby Lobby or a Target in Wilton Manors strip malls, either. But you know what you will find? Nightclubs. Gay nightclubs.

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